It is the process of capturing this Organized Crime Group, GDO, which operated in the Cities of Medellín, Cali and Neiva.


In territorial control operation, troops of the High Mountain Battalion No.9, of the Ninth Brigade, in coordination with the Military Counterintelligence Battalion No.6 and the Specialized Directorate Against Criminal Organizations, DECOC, and the Putumayo Special Prosecutor's Office, a member of the Organized criminality Group (GDO in Spanish) 'Los Comisionistas' at the service of 'La Constru' was captured.


This Organized Criminal Group, commits crimes in the cities of Medellín, Cali and Neiva, where Álvaro de Jesús Giraldo Giraldo was apprehended. He was wanted by an arrest warrant issued by the Municipal Criminal Court of Mocoa, in the department of Putumayo, for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime, qualified aggravated robbery and falsehood in a private document.


The facts that gave rise to the legal operation, go back to the year 2015, since then this structure operated in the national territory, registering systematic thefts of material used for the extraction of hydrocarbons, belonging to the company Ecopetrol. The individual was put into custody of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office of Putumayo.


Source: Ninth Brigade - National Army


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