En Mercaderes, Cauca, capturan a alias ‘Granada’ o ‘Chimboro’, cabecilla de finanzas del Eln

Alias ​​'Granada' or ‘Chimboro’ had been in the criminal structure for almost 18 years and had a warrant for aggravated conspiracy and aggravated rebellion.


Thanks to the network of citizen participation, troops of the Specific Command of Cauca and the Twenty Ninth Brigade, of the Third Division of the National Army, captured alias' Granada 'or' Chimboro ', chief of finances of the mobile front 'Manuel Vázquez Castaño', of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Eln.


This individual, Francisco Javier Imbachi, is accused of assuming the leadership of the group in 2018, responsible for coordinating the collection of money extorted from producers in the department of Cauca. He received large sums of money from illegal activities related to drug trafficking and extortion. He was in the same way responsible for political strengthening, recruitment of personnel for this outlaw organization and he also coordinated terrorist operations against the Security forces.


Thanks to the capture of the head of finance of this organization, through military operations, jointly with the Colombian Air Force and coordinated with the National Police, the economy of the 'Manuel Vázquez Cataño' front is weakening, and this contributes significantly to agricultural progress of the region and, in turn, to the economic development of the department.


He had with him a 9 mm Stoeger Cougar pistol, a telescopic sight, magazines and cartridges of different calibers, which were put into custody of the authorities.


Source: Third Division of the National Army

Monday, December 9, 2019 By merybra