The National Army conducted the first international conference called 'Military communications in Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution', an academic event carried out with the aim of acquiring updates on issues of technological globalization, and knowing the platforms that may hit national security and defense.


At the event held in the “Canton Norte”, a military base at the north of Bogotá, officers, noncommissioned officers and civilians who are part of the military Forces along with the academy representatives of different public and private universities in order to receive an update on issues related to the new technological trends.


The event counted on the participation of the Mexican Antonio Obregón, expert in database and software, who highlighted the importance of working with the National Army. In his conference, Big Data focused, he spoke on information security in the field of information technology. He in the same way expressed the importance of having tools and platforms that led to provide more agile and secure solutions in the Institution.


Source: National Army

Friday, April 12, 2019 By merybra