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The Minister of Defense, Holmes Trujillo, congratulated the Military Forces after the operation where it was possible to obtain the voluntarily surrender,  to obtain the benefits of demobilization program, of 20 members of a group of the José María Becerra front of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, ELN in the department of Cauca.


Troops of the Third Division of the National Army, the Specific Command of Cauca, the Colombian Air Force, the Joint Command of Special Operations and the Rapid Deployment Force No.4, had engaged heavy firefights with members of this Organized Armed Group.


Later, the members of this ELN group were located in Los Cedros village, rural area of ​​the municipality of El Tambo, and it was possible to obtain their surrender. In the same way, 13 rifles, 3 pistols, 1 grenade launcher, 60 magazines, 22 40-mm grenades, 11 hand grenades, 5 improvised explosive devices and military accessories were found.


Minister Holmes Trujillo stated that the troops "maintain their operations and their struggle in this region against all criminal organizations that intimidate and cause fear to civilians to obtain profit from drug trafficking."


In addition, he congratulated the Military Forces and the National Police for "their commitment and dedication for the safety of all Colombians, always within the framework of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law."


Source: Sectorial Communication - Ministry of National Defense

Thursday, April 30, 2020 By merybra