Armada de Colombia continúa ofensiva  contra el narcotráfico en la amazonía

Units of the Colombian Navy, of the Southern Naval Force, during surveillance, interception and river safety operations, find 262 kilos of solid precursors, 885 gallons of liquid precursors, 18.93 kilos of coca paste, and 40 kilos of macerated coca leaf.


The operations were carried out in different places in the departments of Caquetá and Putumayo, where the Colombian Navy, in conjunction with units of the National Army, the Colombian Air Force, and coordinated with the National Police, found and destroyed under controlled conditions six illegal structures for the production of narcotic drugs. Three of these structures allegedly belonged to the Residual Organized Armed Group Structure 48 and the remaining three to the residual Organized Armed Group Structure 1.


With the destruction of these illegal constructions and the discovery of precursors for the production of narcotic drugs, the finances of the criminal organizations that commit crimes in the south-east of the country are directly hit and the impact on the environment is reduced.


The elements found were put into custody of the authority.


During the operations, no arrests were made.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 By merybra