In operations of the Military Forces in Puerto Carreño, they found war material, military garments and communications equipment.


In compliance with the Bicentenary Plan, joint and coordinated operations are conducted by the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the National Police which resulted in the discovery and subsequent discovery of war material, military garments and communications equipment, which according to intelligence information would belong to the organized criminal group 'Puntilleros Libertadores del Vichada', in the municipality of Puerto Carreño.


With information provided by the civic participation network, the Military and Police units traveled to the area known as Caño Juriepe, on the Meta River, where they discovered 1,998 cartridges of different calibers, a 12-millimeter loaded shotgun, 21 magazines of different weapons and a Galil rifle handguard, an ICOM radio with a charger, 3 antennas and 2 batteries. In the same way, they found military accessories including multipurpose vests, leg guards, boots and 41 pieces for uniforms.


No arrests were made during the operation.


Source: Naval Force of the East

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)