Fuerzas Militares y Fiscalía incautan marihuana a los GAO residual en Planadas, Tolima

In a joint and coordinated operation conducted by the troops of the Ground Operations Battalion No. 18 of the Zeus Consolidation and Stabilization Operational Command of the Sixth National Army Brigade, the Air Combat Command No. 4 of the Colombian Air Force and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Prosecutors, through information provided, achieved the finding and eradication of marihuana in the village El Topacio, in the municipality of Planadas, in the department of Tolima.


During the drug trafficking operation, it was possible to find approximately 200 kilograms of marijuana, 45 kilograms of marijuana seed plants, 1.5 hectares of plantations, 10 kilograms of marijuana and two hydraulic jacks.


The narcotic would be ready for packaging and subsequently distributed within the country. This plantation would appear to belong to the Tolima Group of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r Sixth - Dagoberto Ramos.


These narcotics were put into custody of to the Prosecutor for the judicial process.


Source: Colombian Air Force

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 By merybra