Fuerzas Militares neutralizan 50 artefactos explosivos en un depósito ilegal en el Caquetá

These explosives belonged to the residual illegal armed group ‘Teófilo Forero Castro’.


In a rural area of ​​the municipality of San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá, the Joint Task Force ‘Omega’, in a military operation of institutional control of the territory, achieved the discovery and subsequent destruction of 50 improvised explosive devices and 20 kilograms of Anfo and 20 meters of detonating cord.


The operation was conducted thanks to military intelligence leading the troops of the Caguán Specific Command to reach the rural area of ​​the Miravalle village, where this material was hidden in a clandestine hideout belonging, apparently, to the residual Organized Armed group 'Teófilo Forero Castro'.


Once the area was secured and the established protocols were established, experts in Explosives and Demolitions proceeded to destroy these devices under controlled conditions, without impacting the troops or civilians in the sector.


During 2019, the men of the Joint Task Force 'Omega', have managed to neutralize criminal operations that could hit the good physical condition of the inhabitants de Caqueta, finding in a timely manner 180 improvised explosive devices and antipersonnel mines, safeguarding thus, the good physical condition of the inhabitants of the region.


Source: Joint Task Force ‘Omega’

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 By merybra