Fuerzas Militares neutralizan dos integrantes del GAO Clan del Golfo en Antioquia

With this result, the command and control of the structure of the GAO (Organized Armed Goup) Clan del Golfo in the north of the department is heavily hit.


These two men allegedly belonged to the western substructure, of the organized armed group, which commits crimes in the village of La Ceiba, municipality of Ituango, in the department of Antioquia.


According to preliminary information, these individuals are alias Jáder, apparently in charge of the exploitation of mining deposits, the control of drug trafficking and extortion in the villages of Camelia Baja, Villegas, Recreo, Finlandia and El Ceibo, in Santa Rita de Ituango , and alias Candelo, of the same substructure.


They would be responsible for frightening the inhabitants, through forced recruitment activities, control in the production of illicit rents and the mobility of narcotics by the illegal route that leads from the municipality of Peque to the subregion of Bajo Cauca.


With intelligence information and images, the Air Combat Command No. 5 of the Colombian Air Force in the same way supported the troops of the Army and National Police on the ground.


Source: Colombian Air Force Press

Friday, February 28, 2020 By merybra