Fuerzas Militares evitan dos acciones terroristas en el Meta.

In recent hours, in compliance with the Bicentenario Plan, troops of the Joint Task Force Omega found and neutralized four improvised explosive devices; they had been planted in two rural areas of the department of Meta.


In military control operations, the soldiers arrived at the hamlet Puerto Toledo (Puerto Rico), where they found and neutralized the first two weaponized gas cylinders, both of 40 pounds full of shrapnel and explosives.


Similarly, in the area known as caño Zanza, in the village of San Fernando (Mesetas), two other devices were found. The gas cylinders, of 20 pounds each, were ready to be detonated against the military troops in the zone.


Source: Joint Task Force Omega

Saturday, February 9, 2019 by Comunicaciones (not verified)