Minambiente destacó labor realizada por la Burbuja ambiental de la Quinta Brigada en Santander

The first meeting of the Environmental Bubble 2020, under the motto “United for the Environment”, was held with a seeding activity led by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ricardo José Lozano Pinzón.


In the framework of the Operation Artemisa, the first meeting of the Environmental Bubble was held in the facilities of the Fifth Brigade of the Second Division of the National Army for the current term, in which a report of the results of the previous year was shown and the projects were checked to continue strengthening the protection of natural resources in the department of Santander.


Thanks to this initiative that links different State institutions at the national, departmental and local levels, community leaders and other institutions learned firsthand about the important activities in the fight against environmental predation, as announced by the Commander of the Engineers Battalion No.5 “Francisco José de Caldas”.


During the activity, the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development led a symbolic seeding activity in the Military base of Palonegro, as part of the commitment of the National Government to reforest the national territory. It was an opportunity he took to exalt the management carried out by the Environmental Bubble, as one of the best coordinated initiatives at national level for the defense and protection of the environment.


Under the motto “United for the environment” the first of many activities that will be carried out during this 2020 began, which will in the same way include the participation and involvement of communities, students and everyone.


Source: Fifth Brigade - National Army


Wednesday, February 12, 2020 By merybra