Más educación Menos Armas: campaña de la Armada de Colombia para prevenir el reclutamiento forzado

With recreational activities, presents, school kits, footwear and clothing, the Colombian Navy promotes campaigns to prevent forced recruitment and use of minors in illegal activities in Sucre.


The Navy of Colombia through the Navy Infantry Battalion No.13, the House of the Admiral of San Onofre, carried out in the School of the municipality of La Comandancia, the campaign “More education, less weapons”, which is led by the Navy Infantry Brigade No.1 and seeks to prevent forced recruitment, the use of minors in illegal activities and child violence.


Parallel to this campaign, recreational activities were carried out by the Special Group of Awareness Operations and the Children and Adolescents Police. School kits, footwear and clothing were in the same way distributed benefiting 50 low income children of this community in the subregion of the Montes de María.


The Colombian Navy will continue to lead educational campaigns, in schools and colleges in the region, to carry a message of hope, reconciliation and prevention of all forms of crime that threaten children and youth.


Source: Press - Colombian Navy

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 By merybra