Ejército Nacional capturó a siete integrantes de los Pachencas en el Magdalena

By warrants to search some houses, in the municipality of Guachaca, municipality of Santa Marta, in Magdalena, the High Mountain Battalion No.6, in coordination with the Sijin (Judicial Police) of Santa Marta, managed to capture seven individuals of the organized Criminal group, GDO in Spanish, Los Pachencas. These individuals are accused of the crimes of drug trafficking, smuggling, extortion and kidnapping.


The individuals, accused of conducting in this area work of drug trafficking, smuggling, extortion and kidnapping, according to the information issued by the authorities the individuals are Diosbelit Cáceres, Meneses, aka Bombillo, who would be the ringleader of the group of the caribbean; Luis Alfonso Ranoel Palmera, aka Kurqui, who would be responsible for collection of “vaccines” (extortions); Yhon Anderson Calderon Solano, aka Zaino, allegedly in charge collect money from extortion; alias Mono Tarazona, who apparently asked for money from extortion. Alias Dario or Wilmer and Gisela Patricia Acevedo Diaz, aka Chiqui, who would be in charge of conducting criminal intelligence work, were also captured.


In addition to the captures, the individuals had with them war material in their houses such as out a 7.65 mm caliber pistol, with 14 cartridges and two magazines, a carbine caliber 22 mm. This material would be used to carry out targeted killings and extortion charges in the Caribbean region for the benefit of this criminal organization.


The material and the detainees were put into custody of the Santa Marta section of URI of the Attorney General's office to carry out the judicial work.


Source: National Army News Agency

Friday, August 28, 2020 By merybra