This result comes after a firefight conducted by troops of the Twenty-third National Army Brigade and alleged members of the GAO Eln.


In military operations framed in the Bicentenary plan Heroes of Freedom, troops of the Twenty-third Brigade of the Third Division of the National Army, a resounding blow was dealt against the company 'José Luis Cabrera Rúales' of the organized armed group GAO - Eln, after the capture of 10 presumed members of this structure and the destruction of four cocaine hydrochloride laboratories.


The captures were possible after the armed confrontation of the troops of the Mechanized Cavalry Group No.3 and members of this GAO, in the Miraflores district, of the Cumbal municipality, in the department of Nariño, where the laboratories were found. The individuals tried to prevent the procedure by firing at the military units.


The laboratories were destroyed in the place, while the individuals were taken to the judicial authority to continue with their judicial process. Once the hearing of legalization of capture and imputation of charges was completed, they were sent to prison by a judge of the Republic.


Source: National Army

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