Ejército Nacional clausura Seminario Internacional sobre Amenazas no Convencionales

In the facilities of the North base in Bogotá, the Third International Conference on Non-Conventional Threats with an emphasis on NQBRE Threats, was successfully completed, with the participation of expert representatives from 17 countries, including France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, United States and Germany.


The conference led by the Education and Doctrine Command, the Army Doctrine Center and the Military Education Center featured words on the latest trends in unconventional threats and   solutions in South America, the importance, at all levels, of the Doctrine Damasco to face NQBRE threats, the evolution and current situation of explosive devices in Colombia and their relationship with transnational threats.


For two days, jointly and cohesively, members of the National Army, Military Engineers, National Police, Firefighters, National Navy, Air Force, CTI (Technical Investigations Corps), INPEC (prisons national directorate), Attorney General's Office and Civil Defense participants had the opportunity to share experiences and lessons from the past on the situations such as narcotics and explosives, and threats from landmines and unexploded ordnance, as well as the treatment of the victims of NQBRE events.


Finally, the event concluded speaking on the importance of the timely reaction to face unconventional threats, the control of environments, as well as the knowledge of own capabilities to detect weaknesses and reinforce strengths around this reality and for the anticipation in situations that put the national and international community at risk.


Source: National Army Education and Doctrine Command

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 By merybra