The National Army in coordination with the Colombian Air Force, the Bogota Fire Department, the National Police, the District Institute for Risk Management among other institutions, have worked hard to mitigate the forest fire in Sumapaz, a municipality in the south east of the  Bogota region.


The conflagration in the Paramo, due to the dry season, caused the massive burning of Frailejones and native trees. The troops of this military unit in coordination with local authorities and the community, have been working since Thursday and they continue to work with helicopter support and heavy machinery to mitigate the flames. They in the same way provided support to the inhabitants in a Unified Command post for the evaluation of damages, risks and analysis of the needs of the communityl.

The command of the Brigade 13 of the National Army and the Risk Management authorities, invite citizens to report on possible emergencies in the center of the country by the National toll-free line 147.


Source: National Army


Sunday, February 9, 2020 By lisella