Ejército Nacional desactiva 12 artefactos explosivos en el departamento del Cauca

Ten of these explosive devices that were manufactured as illicit means of war were homemade grenades and two were antipersonnel mines. These elements would be used to hit the Security forces and the strategic assets of the nation.


Thanks to the information provided by military intelligence, troops of the Third Division of the National Army found, over the weekend, on the road that leads from the municipality of Corinto to the municipality of El Palo, in the department of Cauca, 12 explosive devices that had apparently been abandoned by members of the residual GAO “Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz”.


Once the information was known, immediately the DELTA Explosives and Demolitions Team, of the High Mountain Battalion No.8, moves to the scene, and, after a thorough inspection of the land, finds the explosive material, covered with leaves next to this road axis. Following the security protocols, the area is isolated, the material is transported to a safe area and it is destroyed under controlled conditions.


Source: National Army

Monday, February 17, 2020 By merybra