The operations were in charge of the Infantry Battalion No.27 'Magdalena' and the Special Energy and Roads Battalion No.12 of the Ninth Brigade and led to the finding of 627 kilos of marijuana valued at approximately 495 million pesos, (about US$ 152,000).


A phone call warned on the journey of a blue truck that was moving carrying inside a shipment of narcotics on the route Pitalito, in the department of Huila, to the department of Putumayo.


Immediately the soldiers of the Infantry Battalion No.27 'Magdalena' with the support of the National Police, intensified the inspection and surveillance operations in the control checkpoint in the village El Cedro, in the municipality of Pitalito, south of Huila.


In the distance, the Bicentenary Heroes identified a vehicle with the characteristics previously reported and proceeded to stop the VAF 616 plate truck, continuing with the detailed inspection that led them to find 10 rolls that allegedly contained plastic material.


The detailed search led to discover that these plastics were only the facade to camouflage 617 kilos of marijuana and thus manage to evade the operations of the authorities, which would led the substance to double the cost in the department of Huila, upon reaching its final destination.


On the way to Tesalia


The operations against drug trafficking have been concentrated in different parts of Huila. The following result was achieved by the Special Energy and Road Battalion No.12 in the sector known as Cruce de Puerto Seco on the road that contacts with the municipality of Tesalia.


The continuous patrols led to make stop signal to two motorcycles and conduct an inspection, finding that they were carrying in a black bag, 10 kilos of marijuana, distributed in two blocks.


As a result, two men identified as Ferney Castillo Becerra, 35, and Edwin Alonso Castillo Becerra, 23, were captured. Both were put into custody of the authority, along with the hallucinogenic substance and the motorcycle.


Source: Ninth Brigade - National Army

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