The protocol to thwart this terrorist attack in rural area of ​​Fortul takes about three hours.


Arauca. Troops of the Task Force Quiron, could in recent hours thwart a terrorist operation of the Omaira Montoya Henao commission of the Domingo Laín Sáenz front of the Eln that intended to attack with explosive devices on the civilian population and the troops that provide security in the municipality of Fortul, department of Arauca


The timely action of the Group of Explosions and Demolitions, EXDE Delta, led to the controlled destruction of five cylindrical explosive devices in two sectors of the urban area of ​​this municipality. In the first action, it was possible to find the explosives covered with bags and tape near the sports center of the municipality. This sector is visited by hundreds of children and families who enjoy these spaces of healthy recreation.


The second action was held in the vicinity of the Fortul Police Station, in an abandoned house, where it was possible to find and destroy an explosive device that was buried approximately 10 cm deep with a tension activation system.


The installation of this type of explosives demonstrates the clear intentions of the organized armed group to attack directly on the community, an action that violates Human Rights and violates the Geneva Protocol and International Humanitarian Law.




Source: Quiron Task Force

Monday, July 21, 2014 By Comunicaciones (not verified)