Ejército Nacional desmantela dos refinerías ilegales en Norte de Santander

Within the framework of the Bicentenary Campaign Plan “Heroes de Libertad” and in compliance with the Artemisa operation, troops of the Vulcano Task Force jointly and in coordination with the Colombian Air Force and the National Police, found in the last days in the area of the municipality of Tibú - Norte de Santander, two illegal refineries used in the distillation of fuels, which belonged to the GAO-Eln (Organized Armed Group), front “Juan Fernando Porras Martínez”.


The military operation against the robbery of fuels was carried out near Caño Victoria Sur, in the municipality of Tibú; sector where soldiers of the Ground Operations Battalion n ° .9 found the two illegal refineries, which were interconnected by means of a galvanized pipe system.


Six three meters long and 2.5 meters wide Martians (distillers), six ground pools, four wooden pools, 56 plastic tanks of 1,000 liters each, 44 metal barrels, four pumps and 1,000 meters were found and dismantled, as well as a three-inch black hose, a van with a Venezuelan license plate; machinery and equipment necessary in the distillation of petroleum.


These illegal refineries were next to the Caño Victoria water tributary, a source of water supply for a village near the site, which was being contaminated with liquid waste generated by illicit structures.


Source: National Army

Sunday, November 17, 2019 by catalina