The narcotic was transported in the seats of a private service vehicle, without any type of camouflage.


In rigorous checkpoints carried out by the troops of the Infantry Battalion No.26 'Cacique Pigoanza' of the Ninth Brigade, a new blow  to drug trade was dealt, this time with the discovery of 175 kilos, approximately, of Cripy marijuana.


The operation took place on the road that connects the municipality of La Plata, in the department of Huila, with Inzá in the department of Cauca. During an inspection to a vehicle Mazda 323 of plate BAJ 578, the troops found in the seats of the car, several packages wrapped in black bags that turned out to contain marijuana of high quality with a cost in the illicit market of approximately 70 million pesos.


In the frame of the flagrante delicto, Alejandra Villalo Suárez, 26, and Jhon Fredy Flórez Ramírez, 27, were told their rights and, with the judicial support of the Huila Police and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps), they were immediately put into custody of the authorities for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and carrying narcotics.


According to preliminary investigations, the hallucinogen would have been loaded in Guadalejo, in the department of Cauca and would have as destination the capital city of Huila, where a part of the cargo would be distributed, while the rest would be taken to the interior of the country.


Source: National Army

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