Garments similar to those used by the Military Forces were ready to be distributed to this Illegal Armed Group

Through military operations carried out by the Quirón Task Force in an inter-institutional control checkpoint in the department of Arauca, the finding of a large amount of military material was reported in the last few hours.


The operation was carried out in the village San Salvador in the municipality of Tame, where the troops, after intelligence work, intercepted a vehicle that transported 19 units of military-style kerchiefs, 33 pairs of jungle-style boots of different sizes and 49 tracksuits of dark colors conditioned with multipurpose bags that belonged to the Residual Armed Group Structure Primera.

With this important result, the logistical activities of this outlaw group are blocked. The National Army ratifies its commitment to continue carrying out military operations that lead to the protection of the Colombian people. In the same way, it invites the community to be part of the Participation Network


Source: National Army

Thursday, March 14, 2019 By Anonymous (not verified)