Ejército Nacional lidera jornadas de embellecimiento y cuidado del medio ambiente en Neiva

Men and women of the Ninth Brigade put their “grain of sand” for the care and conservation of the environment in the department of Huila.


The environmental platoons of the various battalions that make up the Ninth Brigade, in coordination with the Secretary of Tourism of Neiva, the Secretary of Environment, Tourism Police, Aguas del Huila, Ciudad Limpia and the community, carried out important environmental activities  in the parks and streams of the capital city of Huila, in favor of the environment and the health of the “Opitas” (inhabitants of the department).


This is how the rhythm of the trombone, trumpets, drummer and “guacharaca”, the Papayera group of the military unit and the bicentenary heroes, meet the community and municipal authorities, first, on the sector of neighborhood Candido Leguizamo, where with shovels, rakes and garbage bags, conducted work for the maintenance and cleaning of the park 'La Cucaracha'.


In Las Acacias neighborhood, of the locality 6, in Neiva, the soldiers of the Tenerife Battalion in the same way carried out a cleaning and solid waste collection activity in La Cabulla stream, an activity that was carried out in coordination with the Humanitarian Demining Battalion No.5 for the preservation of water and prevent the increasing of dengue transmitting mosquitoes.


Finally, in the framework of the Aguas del Huila program 'A Great Place to Work', the Battalion of Services No.9 in a new institutional environmental activity, supported this wonderful initiative where officials and army, united with the same objective, painted the tires recycled and collected rubble, beautifying the green areas of the sector and putting their “grain of sand” for the care of the environment.


Source: Ninth Brigade - National Army

Friday, August 2, 2019 By merybra