Ejército Nacional confecciona tapabocas y trajes quirúrgicos: la mejor arma de prevención

More than 1,000 masks and 500 surgical suits will be made by the Comprehensive Action Battalion No.8, as a prevention campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic in the departments of Arauca, Casanare and Vichada.


The world is paralyzed with the expansion of COVID-19, Colombia already reports 378 confirmed cases, with one case diagnosed in the department of Casanare and zero cases reported in Arauca and Vichada. For this reason and as a preventive measure, Private Javier Robayo, with more than 15 years of service to the country, had the initiative of making masks and surgical suits as a preparation strategy for this difficult situation, taking into account shortages of these elements.


Robayo throughout his military career has always been a member of combat units, but for three years he has worked in Comprehensive Action, a capacity of the National Army in which the soldiers fulfill the mission of carrying out activities for the benefit of the community; so "Seeing the difficult situation that Colombia is going through, I decided to make masks and surgical suits, I think that as a soldier our principles are focused on solidarity and we must contribute our knowledge to humanity", He said.


What started as a personal initiative today aims to reach villages and municipalities of the Eastern Plains, through the Support Battalion for Comprehensive Action and Development No.8, in support of the Eighth Division and the National Association of Army Social action (ANASE), to benefit the communities of La Plata neighborhoods, in Casanare; Puerto Jordán, in Arauca, and Guerima, in Vichada.


The Battalion projects the distribution of 1,000 masks and 500 surgical suits to be used by doctors and the civilians during the COVID-19 emergency.


Source: Press - National Army


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 By merybra