Ejército Nacional neutraliza artefactos explosivos improvisados en Algeciras, Huila

 Four explosive devices were neutralized; they threatened to hit the physical conditions of the peasant population in algeciras, in the department of Huila.


Permanent operations, together with the timely information of the Allied Network for Prosperity, have led the troops of the High Mountain Battalion No.9 of the Ninth Brigade in a coordinated work with the Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations, neutralize illegal weapons of war planted some time ago, by members of the Residual organized Armed Group Structure 62 and thus counteract their criminal plans.


Military operations have been concentrated in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Algeciras, bordering with the department of Caquetá, where the illegal structure, using methods prohibited in the norms of International Humanitarian Law, has tried to stop the advance of the troops that maintain permanent operations for the security of the people.


The first operation was reported in the village Las Morras, in the municipality of Algeciras, where there was a 40 mm hand grenade and two improvised explosive devices known as 'Chinese hat' made of explosive and shrapnel (screws, motorcycle chain pieces and nails ), which are used to make the illegal weapon more lethal.


The operations transferred to the Ipiales village of the same municipality, in the sector, thanks to the use of the trained dogs; they found a 40-pound gas cylinder in the same way loaded with explosive and shrapnel.


The four devices were destroyed under controlled conditions by the Exde - Delta team, counteracting the threat that these deadly traps represented for the peasant population that travels through the village areas during their work activities.


Source: Ninth Brigade National Army

Monday, July 22, 2019 By merybra