Ejército Nacional protege a familia amenazada por el GAO Clan del Golfo, en Antioquia

In a military operation, coordinated and inter-institutional with the Police and the Government of Antioquia, troops of the National Army arrived at the Nutibara village of the municipality of Frontino, Antioquia, in order to provide protection to a woman and her three children, who were allegedly being intimidated and threatened with death by alleged members of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo.


The family was boarded in a National Army helicopter, guarded by members of the Military Forces to ensure their safety. In addition, they received professional medical and psychological care of the military unit.


For now, the mother and her three children are under the accompaniment of the Government of Antioquia and the People's Representative for human rights of Medellín.


The command of the Fourth Brigade heavily rejects action that violate human rights and violations of international humanitarian law. In the same way, it ratifies the continuous development of military operations in the frontal fight against Organized Armed Groups that attack the tranquility of the inhabitants of Antioquia.


Source: Press - National Army


Tuesday, November 29, 2022 By merybra