Ejército Nacional salva en Arauca la vida de dos integrantes del Eln y recupera a menor de edad

Troops provided assistance to the wounded and transferred them to a hospital where they are treated by specialized medical personnel, demonstrating the daily commitment to respect human rights and international humanitarian law.


In the framework of an operation, National Army troops safeguarded the lives of two members of the ‘Domingo Laín Sáenz’ front of the Eln, and recovered a minor who had been illegally recruited by this group.


Thanks to the information obtained through technical and human intelligence, the National Army, together with the Colombian Air Force, Police and Prosecutor's Office, carried out an infiltration maneuver in the municipality of Buenos Aires, municipality of Arauquita, which resulted in the capture of two members of the front 'Domingo Laín' and the death in the military operation of one individual.


The men received first aid by the combat nurses. One of them is a base guerrilla, and the other was identified as alias 'Franklin', ringleader of the 'Omaira Montoya Henao' group, in charge of leading, planning and executing attacks against petroleum pipelines and police stations in Fortul, Arauquita and Saravena. He is in the same way instructed to demand money in extortions against farmers and merchants.


The individual who died in the operation is alias ‘José Güevas’, second ringleader of this terrorist group. He had extensive criminal experience and was wanted with arrest warrant issued by the Second Municipal Court of Arauca for the crime of rebellion.


On the site troops found 6 rifles, 3 guns, 11 magazines, 619 cartridges of different caliber, a telescopic sight, uniforms of restrictive use of the Security forces and bracelets alluding to the Eln. All the material, together with those captured, was put into custody of the authorities.


Source: Quiron Task Force

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