Armada de Colombia participa en la liberación  de cerca de 90 tortugas en Isla Arena y Playa Blanca

Eighty-nine sea turtles, Green turtles and Hawksbill sea turtles were released in the Isla Arena and Playa Blanca sector, areas of influence of the Los Corales del Rosario National Park and San Bernardo.


Thanks to the work coordinated conducted by the Navy of Colombia, officials of National Natural Parks of Colombia, the General Maritime Directorate, the National Police, representatives of the Decameron Foundation, Sueños del Mar and Tortugas del Mar, as well as members of the community councils and fishermen of La Boquilla, Tierra Bomba, Ararca, Playa Blanca, Barú, Puerto Carol and the Islote de Santa Cruz, Bendita Beacha and the Oceanarium Ceiner, it was possible to protect sea fauna through the release of these species protected and endangered.


The release was carried out in an event in which the inhabitants of the areas of Isla Arena and Playa Blanca, areas of influence of the Los Corales del Rosario National Park and San Bernardo, participated actively. In the place 89 sea turtles were returned to their habitat, 63 were in the early stages of life.


This significant effort to protect the ecosystem and fauna is part of the processes of environmental education and research and monitoring carried out by the Los Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo National Natural Park, with the support of fishermen and island inhabitants, achieving the placement of these turtles to the sea, and thus minimize their commercialization and consumption, promoting a greater awareness of the communities, who recognize the ecological importance of this animals, especially for reefs of corals in the protected area.


After the work of the fishermen in the Research and Education Center (Ceiner), which operates in the Rosario Archipelago, a jointly supervised work with National Parks, foundations and conservation allies, the turtles were prepared for release.


It should be noted that this noble cause counted on the participation of Miss Earth 2018, considered as the Environmental Queen of Cartagena, who actively participated in the liberation activity, an activity which led to the integration of children and youth of black communities, making them potential volunteers for the conservation of nature, strengthening inter-institutional work and the exercise of environmental authority.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 By merybra