Armada de Colombia incauta cocaína en el Archipiélago de San Andrés Islas

During a joint operation conducted by the Coast Guard units of the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the Caribbean Air Group of the Colombian Air Force in San Andrés Island, it was possible to find more than 11 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride that were aboard the motorboat 'Jakarsloyd'.


The result occurred during the inspection on the ship in which two individuals, one Colombian and one Honduran were traveling hiding 12 packages of the drug inside a refrigerator.


The substance was analyzed by specialized personnel of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI), who through the Identification Test, PIPH, determined that the result was positive for cocaine hydrochloride, which was put into custody of the Regional Office of San Andrés.


The two individuals were captured for the crime of trafficking, manufacture and carrying of narcotics and they were put into custody of the authorities to be subsequently prosecuted while in prison.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 By merybra