In the permanent operation for ensuring the legal use of the sea and during a maritime search and control operation, it was possible to find 16,872 packs of contraband cigarettes, which were transported in the ship "Don Alejo", in the area of ​​Turbo – Antioquia.


The confiscation took place during security patrols, carried out by the Urabá Coastguard Station, who intercepted the ship that had departed the municipality of Sapzurro, of the municipality of Acandí – Chocó. Troops made a detailed inspection, determining that the merchandise transported did not have the documentation that proves its origin, or the import manifest issued by the National Tax and Customs Directorate - Dian.


The contraband merchandise was given to the National Tax and Customs Office, who evaluated it at around 51 million pesos.


Source: Navy of Colombia

Thursday, April 18, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)