Armada, Policía y Fiscalía incautan cerca de 2 toneladas de Clorhidrato de Cocaína

In coordinated and interagency operations conducted by the Colombian Navy and the Attorney General's office through the Delegate against organized crime and the judicial support of the National Anti-Narcotics Police, it was possible to find 1,814 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride that were being transported in a boat 35 miles north of the Cerro del Águila sector, in Necocli, Antioquia.


Thanks to valuable information of the Colombian naval intelligence, units attached to the Caribbean Naval Force conducted a maritime interception of the go Fast boat manned by four Colombians, finding during the inspection of the boat 72 sacks containing 1,786 rectangular packages.


The material found was taken by members of the naval institution to the pier of the Coast Guard Station of Urabá, where units of the National Anti-Narcotics Police conducted the initial preliminary test to the substance, leaving positive result for cocaine.


It is estimated that the approximate value of this shipment of cocaine on the international black market would reach 61 billion dollars, a figure that, thanks to this successful operation of the Military Forces and the judicial authorities, failed to enter the drug trafficking groups that commit crimes in the Colombian Caribbean.


The four detainees were put into custody of the authorities and will be accused for the crime of drug trafficking.


#ProtegemosElAzulDeLaBandera. #CorazónAzuLado.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Thursday, August 6, 2020 By merybra