With the discovery of weapons, communications equipment and materials for the production of explosives, terrorist and criminal operations of the Residual Organized Armed Group GAO-r "Oliver Sinisterra" are neutralized.


Nariño. The Joint Task Force Hércules, through its National Army component, during operations in the framework of the Military and Police Campaign 'Atlas', found an illegal underground hideout built in cement structure, in the sector known as Mataje, in the municipality of Tumaco (Nariño).


In this hideout troops found: 14 rifles, 48,452 rounds of ammunition of different calibers, five cartridges anti-armor for rifle of high precision, caliber 7.62 millimeters, 21 barrels with 764.5 kg of pentolite, 55 hand grenades, 85 grenades of 40 millimeters, 54 pineapple grenades, 381 magazines for different caliber rifles, 60 antipersonnel mines, 18 improvised explosive devices, 460 electric detonators, 218 improvised ammunition, 25 non electric detonators, 2,100 meters of detonating cord, six communications radios and 40 batteries 9 volts.


The discovery of this material, belonging to the GAO-r “Oliver Sinisterra”, a narco-terrorist structure under the criminal command of Walter Patricio Arizala, known as 'Guacho', demonstrates the commitment of the Military Forces that will continue to carry out operations against these groups daily, until achieving its neutralization or its submission to justice.


Source: Joint Task Force Hercules.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 By Comunicaciones (not verified)