The modus operandi, according to military intelligence, was to kidnap their victims inside their own houses, where they took advantage and stole their belongings. In addition, they are accused of torturing a citizen and demand a millionaire sum of money in exchange for his freedom.


The fight against kidnapping in Colombia does not stop, proof of this is the last result achieved by the National Army and the Attorney General's Office against “La Oficina”, where these nine alleged members of the feared group known as 'Los Caicedo' were captured. They are a criminal organization at the service of that organized criminal group – GAO, La Oficina.


The operation took place thanks to an important military intelligence work, which was carried out in the municipality of Bello, north of the metropolitan area, where the military made effective the arrest warrants for the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, kidnapping and robbery qualified and aggravated.


Thanks to the timely denunciation of one of the victims the authorities established the modus operandi of 'Los Caicedo', who finance their illegal activities with the collection of money extorted from merchants and transporters, from kidnapping for ransom, selective homicides and trafficking in narcotics


Allegedly the kidnapping and torture, would have been the mechanism used against a person to demand a millionaire sum of money in exchange for his or her freedom. The kidnapped citizen would have been taken against his will to the Caicedo neighborhood, Comuna 8, in Medellín, where in the middle of a wooded area where, with blows and burns, he was physically and psychologically harmed to make him pay one million pesos.


The victim, not having the required money, gave his motorcycle as a pledge to go for the money. When he got away from his captors, he sought the help of the National Army, who immediately began the respective investigation that obtained the nine captures.


Source: National Army

Friday, February 8, 2019 by merybra