Continúan las operaciones ofensivas en contra de las organizaciones vinculadas al narcotráfico

The Navy of Colombia, through the Naval Force of the Pacific, in joint operation with the Colombian Air Force, dealt a new blow to drug trafficking, when conducting the interception of a semi-submarine that was sailing 50 nautical miles from the District of Buenaventura, in the Colombian Pacific; it was carrying 890 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.


In surveillance and control operations, based on the analysis of the Naval Intelligence information, it was possible to find and intercept a semi-submarine, manned by three individuals, who when noticing the presence of military personnel, abandoned it and jumped to the sea. Given this action, the activation of a search and rescue operation was generated by the Naval Institution, where Coast Guard Units of the Pacific Naval Force rescue two people; at the moment the search for a missing individual continues.


During the inspection of the ship, 890 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were found, preventing drug trafficking organizations from receiving more than US$ 29 million. The semi-submarine sank.


The two rescued individuals are an Ecuadorian and a Colombian and will be prosecuted for the offenses established in the Colombian Criminal Code, traffic, manufacture or transport of narcotics, as well as for the use, construction, commercialization and / or possession of semi-submarines or submarines.


The Colombian Navy in 2019 in the Colombian Pacific through the Pacific Naval Force, has found 24 semi-submarines and 109.5 tons of this drug.


Source: Pacific Naval Force

Friday, October 18, 2019 By merybra