In an Airbus 340 with two small flags flying from the cockpit, one from Colombia and the other from Germany, the German Federal President, Frank Walter Steinmeier, arrived in Bogota. He was received at CATAM, as part of his first official visit in Colombia.


After receiving the honors of the Students of the School of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Colombian Air Force, President Steinmeier, personally greeted the members of the crew of the Black Hawk helicopter of the Air Combat Command No.5, who on last 6 of December 2018, with courage and heroism, carried out the humanitarian evacuation of two German citizens, one of them 68 years old, seriously wounded after suffering a fall as they ascended the snowy Tolima mountain.


The mission was coordinated through the National Center for Personnel Recovery-CNRP, highlighting the capabilities of the crew and the aircraft and preventing significant risks, given the conditions of the place where the mountaineers were. In the same way, the cloudiness and heavy winds were determining factors that made maneuvering difficult, but thanks to the crew's expertise it was possible to carry out this evacuation with success and safety, landing only the main helicopter wheels, in an area of difficult access to the Tolima snowy mountain at 14 thousand feet.


In this way, the German President continues to conduct his agenda in Colombia, carrying out different meetings, including one with the Head of State, Iván Duque, to reaffirm his commitment in the process of stabilization and peaceful coexistence and explore exchanges on biodiversity issues.


Source: Colombian Air Force

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 By merybra