Controladas 1.500 hectáreas del Parque Natural La Paya que fueron deforestadas

In the framework of the policies established by the National Government regarding the preservation and recovery of the environment, in a joint, coordinated and inter-institutional planning, the Military Forces, the National Police, the Attorney General's Office and National Natural Parks officials of Colombia, conducted the fifth phase of the operation 'Artemisa' in the department of Putumayo, based on investigation processes conducted by the SIJIN (JUDICIAL POLICE) - DICAR.


During this territorial control operation for the conservation and defense of this protected area, the Security forces deployed in the La Paya National Natural Park, in the municipality of Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo, dispersed in seven points, achieving the capture of eight individuals, the restoration of the rights of three minors, the control of 1,500 hectares deforested, the discovery of four shotguns and the destruction of 16 rustic constructions.


The individuals, who did not resist at the time of the procedure, were taken by the Colombian Air Force to Florencia, Caquetá, in order to carry out the identification processes and the Judicial Police procedure; meanwhile, the recovered children were accompanied by officials of the Children and Adolescents Police until they were put into custody of to the ICBF (Colombian institute for family wellbeing).


These operations to protect natural resources seek to control the deforestation zones caused by settlers and illegal armed groups that try to expand the drug production chain. In the same way, the objective is to activate the passive forest restoration processes, which could take 7 or 10 years to have enough forest area for some animal types to return. 50 or 70 years will be necessary for the forest to return to its natural state.


The Military and Police Campaign 'Artemisa' is the fundamental axis for the protection of natural resources and it is part of the Security and Defense Policy that recognizes water, biodiversity and the environment as resources of national interest, since they are strategic assets of the nation.


Source: Strategic Communications - General Command Military Forces

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