Hitting the illicit business, shielding the roads in the department of Huila to prevent them from being used as narcotics mobility routes and strengthening the safety of citizens, are the purposes of Infantry Battalion No. 27 Magdalena de la Novena Brigada in the framework of the frontal struggle that fights against the situation of drug trafficking. The most recent operations were conducted to discover 983 kilos of marijuana that would cost 788 million pesos.

The first operation took place in the village of El Cedro in the municipality of Pitalito, south of in the department of Huila. There, during a checkpoint and supported by the trained dog, the units began the search for the XPK 019 license plate truck, finding that the potato and onion sacks transported in the vehicle, were only the facade to try to pass through the Department, 960 kilos of marijuana that were distributed in 892 packages.

The shipment with a cost in the illicit market of 770 million pesos, apparently would have as first destination Mocoa in Putumayo and later it would be taken abroad, thus increasing its commercial price.

A man identified as David Ordóñez Pinilla was captured and put into custody of the authority along with the illegal substance, a cellphone and the vehicle.

A passenger traveling with 23 kilos of marijuana

In the second result conducted in the same sector, 23 kilos of marijuana were at a cost of approximately 18 million pesos.

This time the inspection of a collective passenger transport bus that covered the route Popayán - Mocoa, led to the discovery of two barrels in the baggage bay; after the detailed search, 45 packages wrapped in tape were found.

As presumed responsible for the crime of trafficking, manufacture and carrying of narcotics, Edilson Guerra Chud, was captured and put into custody of the authorities.


Source: National Army

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