Fuerzas Militares y Policía capturan a alias ‘Arete’, cabecilla de las redes de apoyo de la ‘Oliver Sinisterra’

In the frame of the operation against the Residual Organized Armed Group, troops of the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) Tumaco, decisively hit the structure ‘Oliver Sinisterra’ damaging its financial subsystem.


Colombian Navy units, attached to the Hercules Joint Task Force, with the support of the National Police, captured alias 'Arete', alleged member of the structure 'Oliver Sinisterra' and ringleader of the Support Networks of residual structures (RAER ins Spanish), in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Tumaco, in the department of Nariño.


Alias ​​‘Arete’, 32, was in charge of the control of drug trafficking routes, in the La Ensenada sector and the rural area of ​​Francisco Pizarro in the department of Nariño. In the same way, he was one of the trusted men of alias 'El gringo', the chief leader of the 'Oliver Sinisterra', and person in charge of coordinating with Mexican cartels to cocaine hydrochloride shipments to Central America, being the drug trafficking, the main source of financing for the acquisition of war material for this residual Armed Organized Group.


This individual is accused of the terrorist attack that occurred in February 2012, in front of the Tumaco Special District Police Station, which left 11 deaths and about 76 wounded, including civilians and members of the Security forces. In the same way, he is accused of the massive displacement of the civilians of the urban area of ​​the municipality of Francisco Pizarro, in 2018, as a result of the disputes over the control of the territory among the different armed structures and groups.


With this capture, the plans of the residual Organized Armed Group ‘Oliver Sinisterra’, in Tumaco, to commit crimes with Central American drug cartels are effectively counteracted; in the same way, the risks of terrorist operations against Human Rights, and International Humanitarian Law, of the people settled in the Pacific Coast of the department of Nariño, are reduced.


Source: Pacific Naval Force operacional en la jurisdicción ratificando su compromiso de velar por la seguridad e integridad del territorio nacional.

Fuente: Fuerza Naval del Pacífico

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