Siete capturados por aprovechamiento ilícito de recursos naturales, en Sabana de Torres, Santander

The individuals were reportedly pulling drag material from a stream that provides water to more than 100 families in the sector.


Troops of the Fifth Brigade, unit of the Second Division of the National Army, reported the capture in flagrante delicto of seven individuals for the crime of illegal use of non-renewable natural resources.


The events were reported in the Alto Viento of the municipality of Sabana De Torres, in Santander. There, soldiers of the Luciano D'elhuyar Battalion found these people who were working to extract drag material from the water source that provides the precious liquid to more than 100 families in this sector. Those captured were put into custody of the prosecutor's Office of Sabana De Torres for their respective judicial process.


This is the work of Colombian soldiers who seek to mitigate the impact of environmental crimes through military operations framed within the operation Artemisa and the environmental bubble of the Fifth Brigade, ensuring the preservation of the region's natural resources.


Source: press-Fifth Brigade of the National Army

Thursday, July 23, 2020 By merybra