Junto a líderes sociales de los Montes de María: estamos unidos por una región más próspera

In the framework of the efforts to achieve a more prosperous and safer region, Vice Admiral Andrés Vásquez Villegas Commander of the Caribbean Naval Force met with social leaders of the Montes de María, at the facilities of the University of Cartagena to later replicate this same exercise in the municipality of Carmen de Bolívar, where the Commander of the Fluvial Brigade of  the Navy No.1, Colonel of the Navy Infantry, Fernando Álvarez Martínez, Accompanied by the military commanders of the Navy Battalions No.13 and No.14 and the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) of the department of Bolívar end Sucre, exchanged information of common interest with the population.


In the same way, the presentation of the anti-extortion program of the Colombian Navy was carried out, in order to make available to the citizens the communication lines to denounce this situation.


In both meetings it was possible to exchange initiatives to generate safe environments and strengthen the bonds of fraternity and trust between the authorities and civilians, making use of mechanisms to deal with the different problems and possible joint solutions for a stable and safe region.


This important initiative had the active participation of representatives of the academic environment who through their interventions provided a historical social and political approach, as a basis for understanding the social relations of the Montes de María region.


During the exchange of knowledge, an approach was made on the different problems, achieving meeting points for both the military and civil authorities, with the understanding that security and prosperity are a commitment of all, thus strengthening the social leaders’ work, who represent their communities.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Monday, November 18, 2019 By merybra