Soldados construyeron Hospital de Campaña para la atención de COVID–19 

Thanks to the unified operation of the Presidency, the mayor of Bucaramanga, the National Army and the private companies, the city has an adequate and equipped space to combat this disease.


Military engineers of the Fifth Brigade, unit of the Second Division of the National Army, thanks to the leadership of the First Lady of Colombia, María Juliana Ruiz, within the campaign Ayudar Nos Hace Bien (Helping is good for us) and the contribution of 11 companies and foundations nationwide, build a field Hospital for the care of patients with Covid - 19 in the capital city of the department of Santander.


As of today, and thanks to the support of Banco Santander, the Foundation Santo Domingo, Fundación MAPFRE, Seguros Bolívar, the Fundación Sacyr, Colsanitas, Amarilo, ENGIE, Cuatrecassa, Brinsa and Leonisa, the Inhabitants of the sector have a space of over 600 square metres, which helps to expand the coverage for hospitalization, observation and care of people diagnosed or showing symptoms related to this virus.


The structure has 30 beds distributed according to the parameters of isolation, in areas fully equipped and equipped with basic elements for the care of patients, as well as sanitary spaces and disinfection zones that in the same way guarantee the care of the health personnel of this unit.


The work of the soldiers of the National Army, led to the construction of this Hospital in 14 days, in the local Hospital Del Norte, which contributes to the well-being of the families in Santander. In this way, the soldiers of Colombia, ratify their commitment to put all their resources for those who require help, to provide environments that guarantee the life and good physical condition of the inhabitants. 


Source: press-Fifth Brigade of the National Army


Friday, October 2, 2020 By merybra