In compliance with the Operations framed in Bicentenary Plan "Heroes de la Libertad, during   a territorial control operation, soldiers of the Nueva Granada Battalion of the Fifth Brigade, of the Second Division through intelligence information and in coordination with the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Prosecutor of the nation, found and exhume bone remains from three bodies in a common grave in the village of Muriba, in the municipality of San Pablo, in the department of Bolívar.


According to forensic investigators, the remains may belong to three people: a man, approximately 50 years old, another man, approximately 20 years old and a woman, 20 years old. Apparently, the bodies have been in the place two of three years ago. They were taken by officials of the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) to the city of Bucaramanga, to conduct the respective tests of identification and investigation of the case and establish the causes of death.


With these operations, the soldiers of the National Army maintain their commitment to consolidate a region safer and free of vestiges of the conflict, supporting efforts to search for missing persons in coordination with the Office of the Prosecutor and the CTI.


Source: Fifth Brigade - National Army

Sunday, March 17, 2019 By catalina