Hombres de la Fuerza Aérea cargando un helicóptero con ayuda humanitaria

Air Force men carrying humanitarian aid in a helicopter


More than 3,000 hours flown in the Caravan C-208 and Black Hawk AH-60 and UH-60 helicopters, the saving of more than 150 lives, and several important operations in defense and security of Colombians, are in the report of the Colombian Air Force on 2019


It is an effort that honors those who are part of the Air Combat Command No.5. People who serve the country at this air base, 'The House of the Brave Falcons', who in fulfillment of their duty carry out missions against illegal mining, drug trafficking and organized armed groups.


In the same way, in the frame of the unarmed effort, in support activities more than 15,400 inhabitants of the departments of Antioquia and Chocó benefited, through health and education activities for indigenous communities, in remote areas supporting the construction and adaptation of schools in municipalities such as Urrao, Nechí and Cocorná, in these sectors, thanks to the voluntary work of officers and non-commissioned officers, more than $ 12,000,000 pesos were invested in an infrastructure project to improve the classrooms, bathrooms and dining room of the Rural school El Recreo, through the program Plan Corazon Amigo.


In the same way, in evacuation and aeromedical transfer operations, our metal angels have been fundamental to increase the life expectancy of those who have been in danger, in search and rescue missions, and firefighting, contributing to the care and protection of environment.



Source: Colombian Air Force


Friday, January 3, 2020 By merybra