Tolemaida continúa impactando internacionalmente con su entrenamiento militar 

On a geostrategic visit, members of the Superior War course XXVII of the Guatemalan Army Education Command, composed of its Land, Sea and Air Military Forces, arrived at the National Training Center, CENAE, in order to carry out their internship and thus increase knowledge on mysticism and the capabilities of the Colombian soldier.


The occasion was an opportunity for Brigadier General Raúl Flórez Cuervo, commander of CENAE, to speak on the institutional objectives, especially on the training that has been fundamental to propitiate significant operations that have brought great military victories to the country, in the same way sharing experiences and doctrinal knowledge.


The capacities of the School of Lanceros, the School of Military Parachuting, the School of Special Forces, Air Assault, the School of Training and Tactical Recurrent training, the School of Shooting, and the Instruction and Training Battalion No. 21 were in the same way presented.


Brigadier General Carlos Francisco West Quintero, military attaché of the Army of Guatemala, expressed the importance of this visit that was based on creating the strategic operational concept so that future leaders have clear elements and knowledge, to facilitate them decision making and thus being able to be high level advisors who can contribute processes that strengthen the military doctrine of Guatemala.


Source: National Army Training Center - CENAE

Thursday, October 24, 2019 By merybra