Capturados dos venezolanos con 10 kilogramos de marihuana  en Puerto Carreño

The Colombian Navy captured two individuals carrying 21 packages of Cripy-type marihuana, in the sector known as the Rampa Vieja, in the municipality of Puerto Carreño, in the department of Vichada.


During the search and control operation carried out by the Naval Force of the East, it was possible to capture two individuals, 27 and 34, Venezuelan nationality, who had with them 10.3 kilograms of Cripy marijuana, according to the Preliminary Homologated Test - PIPH, conducted by the National Police of Puerto Carreño. The individuals were prosecuted and put into prison for the crime of trafficking and carrying of narcotics.


With this result the Naval Institution managed to prevent the commercialization of more than 2,500 doses of marijuana in the region, which in the illegal market have an approximate cost of 75 thousand dollars.


With this new and resounding result of the Colombian Navy, it contributes to the safety of the municipality of Puerto Carreño, preventing the hallucinogen selling points from reaching the most vulnerable inhabitants, as well as children and young people, guaranteeing the safety and tranquility of Colombians in the East of the country.


Source: Press - Colombian Navy


Monday, March 2, 2020 By merybra