At the end of a security council in the Urabá region in Antioquia, the Minister of National Defense, Guillermo Botero, said that thanks to the effective work of the Security forces, at this moment the main security indicators show better figures.


After reviewing the crimes that occur in the region, Minister Botero reported that by January "there was some increase in the number of homicides", but, thanks to the capture of criminal groups, the months of February and March, showed indicators with a significant reduction.


Regarding illicit plantations, Botero said that in the region a little over a thousand hectares have been eradicated so far this year. "We think that in the next months the eradications should increase, especially in the Serrania de Abibe, which includes four municipalities of the Urabá region in Antioquia."


When referring to extortion, the head of the defense, expressed with concern that the public is not reporting to the authorities that crime. "We know that extortion exists and that there is an infra denunciation. That is why, next week the military and police Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) commanders will visit the region to quickly design a plan against extortion but we need the denunciation of the citizens."


Botero recalled the channels available for these purposes: the Civic Participation Network, the line 165 and the virtual program 'let’s Report', of the Attorney General's Office; these options can operate anonymously.


The governor of Antioquia, Luis Pérez Gutiérrez, acknowledged that the extortion of businessmen, merchants, agricultural producers and the community, "is one of the most delicate problems that exist in Urabá", and that the next April 30 at the departmental government council, will present a report of precise results of how that crime has been fought throughout the region.


On the other hand, in statements to the media, Botero Nieto said that the issue of migrants from Africa, Asia and Venezuela will in the same way be discussed - as it has been common in recent months, with Migration Colombia. "All measures will be taken to control especially in the Gulf of Urabá the presence of these individuals, some of them, heading to Panama and then to the United States.


In addition, he expressed great concern regarding micro-trafficking in some municipalities in the region: "As you know, Decree 1844 was issued to fight micro-trafficking and we are inviting the citizens to accompany us with their denunciations to line 167. At this moment we have in the country almost 400 establishments where drugs are sold ". He recalled that there is a sanction of expropriation for those places where this criminal activity is actually taking place.


Despite the reduction, in an effort to continue improving all the indicators, the Minister revealed that 200 additional soldiers will arrive in the Urabá region to complement the operation being carried out by the Seventh Division of the National Army.


The Minister of Defense, the military and police commanders and the regional authorities, were accompanied by the mayors of Apartadó, Carepa and Mutatá, and the secretaries of government of the municipalities of Chigorodó, Necoclí and Turbo.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 By merybra