Fuerza de Tarea Vulcano continúa su ofensiva contra el narcotráfico en El Catatumbo

Through decisive military operations carried out this week in Norte de Santander, it was possible to find two structures for drug production and the destruction of a ton of chopped coca leaf.


In development of military operations carried out in the Catatumbo region by troops of the Vulcano Task Force, it was possible to find two laboratories for the production of illicit substances, in rural areas of the municipalities of Teorama and Sardinata, in Norte de Santander, which would belong to the Organized armed groups, GAO, Eln and GAO residual Structure 33.


Military operations against the problem of drug trafficking began in the rural area of ​​LIbano, in the municipality of Teorama, an area where soldiers of the Ground Operations Battalion No. 8 found a rustic structure that was used by the GAO Eln to process coca base paste; troops found a ton of chopped coca leaf and 300 gallons of processed gasoline.


In the same way, in a rural area of ​​the municipality Luis Vero, men belonging to the Ground Operations Battalion No. 9, dismantled another clandestine structure for the production of coca base paste. 165 gallons of chopped coca leaf and 26 plastic barrels were found at the site.


Source: press - Vulcano Task Force


Friday, June 19, 2020 By merybra