The purpose of this activity was to raise awareness in the care of the environment and promote recycling habits from a very early age, empowering early childhood to improve behaviors within families, promoting the proper use of natural resources and use of Organic and inorganic waste.


Selene Pérez, who participated in the activity and accompanied her 4-year-old daughter in the activity, thanked the National Army and Almacenes Éxito for the invitation, since it was very helpful because they learned in a very didactic way how to recycle and act in an emergency. On Sunday culminated the learning route in the human settlement "My New Hope" where the entire work team shared time in recreational activity with the whole community, bringing joy, well-being and a space for sharing activities on education on environmental issues and prevention of emergencies


In this way, the Faith in Colombia program works jointly with institutions, joining efforts to educate the population on environmental and emergency issues, thus improving habits within the families in Yopal.


Source: National Army

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 By manugar