The awareness squad of the Military Police Battalion No. 13, in coordination with the Adventist Church and the TR 7 Foundation, distributed 100 baskets of basic food to a group of older adults in the neighborhood El Mochuelo in the locality Ciudad Bolívar in the south of Bogotá, with the purpose of generating an environment of security, joy and respect for the institution under the motto “I Love My Army”.


In the same way, in the El Mochuelo neighborhood, in a coordinated work with the institutions and the community, the soldiers carried out a significant planting of 200 trees of native types, with the purpose of raising awareness among citizens through pedagogical actions and trees plantation processes on the need to safeguard the environment and preserve the fauna and flora in the sector.


On the other hand, in the framework of Operation 'Artemisa', the soldiers of the Fernando Landazábal Reyes Battalion, in coordination with the community, carried out a planting activity of 120 trees of different types around the El Tunjo wetland in the localities of Ciudad Bolívar and Tunjuelito, with the aim of mitigating man-made action and contributing to the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 By manugar