Armada Nacional en liberación de siete manatíes en Bolívar

Seven manatees were released in the department of Bolívar, thanks to the coordinated work conducted by the Colombian Navy and representatives of the OMACHA Foundation and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Canal del Dique, Cardique.


The marine mammals were transported in vehicles of the Navy Infantry Mobility Battalion No.1, to the municipality of Evitar, in the municipality of Mahates, in the department of Bolívar, where they returned to their natural habitat, consisting of shallow waters and swampy coastal areas.


For three years, the animals were in a substitute habitat, in the lake of the Navy Battalion No.13, where they had the required care, food and medical assistance by the Navy personnel, with the accompaniment of officials from environment agencies, which led these seven mammals to grow and recover satisfactorily, to subsequently make their release possible.


In the new habitat, manatees will have the supervision and monitoring by environmental organizations committed to their care, as well as the protection of the community that will contribute to the preservation of the species.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force


Wednesday, December 11, 2019 By merybra